Every Detail of Lodi, CA under NEW Management!
  1. Interior Cleaning
    • Vacuum seats, carpets, trunk and floor mats • Hand scrub floor mats • Wipe down all interior surfaces • Clean windows • Smoke and pet odor & hair removal • Deep clean seats • Scotch guard cloth seats • Condition leather (UV protectant) • Apply UV protectant to all hard interior surfaces • Shampoo cloth seats and floors
  2. Exterior Cleaning
    • Complete wash and dry • Clean and degrease wheels and tires • Apply tire and wheel dressing • Polish wheels • Clean all door jams and trunk seals • Exterior dressing on all plastics
  3. Hand Waxing
    We highly recommend “Hand Waxing” as it gets the best results. A “Machine Polish” is done to achieve the best results for an even shine, enabling a smooth sealant application. You’ll be amazed at the results as your vehicle will look like it just came off the showroom floor.
  4. Paint Correction
    Our process will restore and rejuvenate the paint of your vehicle. Surface imperfections, which cause paint to look dull, oxidized, or hazed, will be eliminated. These imperfections include swirl marks, fine line scratches from bird droppings, etching and acid rain etching, holograms, and buffer trails.
  5. Water Spot Removal
    Water spots develop on a car’s surface from the impurities in the air and water used to wash your car. Tab water contains calcium and metal, which can leave behind stubborn water spots. After only a few days, the water spots will leave dimples in the paint’s surface and white mineral stains on the windows. We take the necessary steps, based on the severity, to remove water spots. Once the stains are removed a sealant is applied which will protect your windows for 6 – 8 months.
  6. Headlight Restoration
    Plastic headlight lenses can yellow and haze from UV rays and weather. Our process will have your headlights looking like new again lasting 4 – 6 years. First, we wet sand down to the bare plastics, removing any haze, scratches, and coating. We buff and seal the headlight with a professional sealant.